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Welcome to Eltra

Challenging work, friendly colleagues, and plenty of freedom – that’s what you can expect when you join Eltra. Working in project teams, you collaborate closely to deliver tailored solutions for our clients. We provide everything our customers need: from software to control panels and from outlets to servers. So, if your heart beats for technology, at Eltra, the learning never ends.


“How exactly does this work?” If you find yourself wondering this regularly, you’ll feel right at home at Eltra. Curiosity is woven into our DNA. Over our 25-year existence, our field has been transformed by rapid technological developments. Inspired by new technologies, we continually seek better, faster, and easier solutions.

“At Eltra, the learning never ends.”


Technical skills + empathy
What do our clients want to achieve? And what do they need to accomplish it? At Eltra, technical knowledge and expertise alone aren’t enough. It’s crucial to empathize with our clients. Our control and drive systems are used in production environments where every detail matters. Your ability to put yourself in the customer’s shoes is essential in realising a smoothly operating factory for our clients.

The power of collaboration
Achieving excellence requires collaboration. That’s what we believe at Eltra. As part of a project team, you’ll be working alongside software developers, panel builders, and IT specialists. Our product is the result of a collaboration between these diverse fields, making communication and teamwork indispensable in our work.